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A Ü TO/M Ö T O R is a production studio specializing in Web VR AR and Experiential Brand Marketing

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We create immersive environments inspired by physical experiences, relational identity, and reconstructive storytelling in the digital age. We gamify these journeys, evoking an alternative yet familiar sense of place and experience.



Our team of creative strategists, digital artists, musicians, programmers, and technologist deliver art product for immersive experiences in both digital and physical spaces.

Our passion for sharing stories, music, and visual art explores new media’s impact on brand design and emerging technology.


We act as digital messengers translating experiences and messages into immersive stories.


VR Music Platform

First full music album VR Experence


Vyle is a brand powered by A Ü T O/M Ö T O R.


Our studio project for vyle is a Web VR and AR based experiential album of music titled A Ü T O/M Ö T O R.


Current Project


New Museum’s NEW INC incubator for art, design, and technology.


This experiential album of music is a platform we created to distribute a collection of songs and accompanying 3D digital artwork at the advent of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality being available on web browsers and downloadable apps


Vyle’s campaign with A Ü T O/M Ö T O R includes experiences with virtual spaces that are accessible through integrated levels of immersion on mobile, tablet, desktop and head mounted display devices.


A Ü T O/M Ö T O R was tasked with creating original music, visual mood board, and accompanying artwork to expose the music industry and contemporary art landscape to vyle’s debut experiential album.


Our network of creative strategist, media partners, distribution platforms, and art institutions accelerates our impact. We’ve received commissions and distribution from digital art platform NewHive, we've been invited to the Wired Business Conference and VERSIONS VR Conference, and we were invited to produce this project in the world's first museum led incubator at The New Museum.


Since we started working together vyle’s received press coverage from the following media outlets for his work and affiliations:

Run the Trap - vyle, HEATSINK
Vice - vyle, performance Black Market Art Fair
Art in America - performance Black Market Art Fair
DIS Magazine - vyle, Pump Fake
New Hive - installation, Pump Fake
SPIN - vyle, producer Azelia Banks Big Talk ft Rick Ross
Pitchfork - vyle, producer Azelia Banks Big Talk ft Rick Ross
Creative Control - installation Pump Fake - Stimulation Overload Part 1
Mass Appeal - exhibition Pump Fake - Stimulation Overload Part 2
PAPER - NewHive presents vyle and Devin Kenny xxx
Interview - vyle, Producer XHOSA xxxx
Office  - vyle, Producer Gucci xxxx



summary of capabilities




A Ü T O/M Ö T O R releases vyle’s songs as interactive 3D websites because the internet is a public art space accessible to everyone around the world. Each creative vision made for web is instantly activates authentic brand interactions, even e-commerce.

360° VR  AR

A Ü T O/M Ö T O R creates complete marketing suites with 360° video, VR, and AR installations for desktop and mobile. We integrate creative foresight with tangible art accessible on everyone's phone and headset.

Experiential Marketing

A Ü T O/M Ö T O R develops virtual experiences shared on social networks including Youtube, Facebook, IOS and Android Apps, WebVR, Oculus, Rift, HTC Vive, and Samsung Gear.

VR Cave

A Ü T O/M Ö T O R virtual environments transcend physical spaces through projection mapping and the use of our VR cave and motion capture technology. The A Ü T O/M Ö T O R VR Cave activates 360° Video and VR content with real time renderings played seamlessly in any scale installation or room.

Real Time Motion Capture Render for VR

A Ü T O/M Ö T O R believes full immersion means the audience isn't just listening to a stream, watching a music video, or panning around a 360° image – you are inside the experience, driving the experience. We are developing a system that provides the tools for real time Unity and Unreal rendering of 360° video and motion captured VR to translate VR experiences in physical spaces. These stories are performed simultaneously across the globe in virtual reality.

See our portfolio in VR